Thursday, January 12, 2006

You never really believe that "one more" crap, do you?

Fun Gothic Name Generator. It seems to have some consistency--I left the page and reloaded it and got the same results, name by name.

Putting my kid's first/last in gives him the Goth name of "Delusional the Perky." Not only does this sound like something out of SuperMunchkin, it's the most incredibly randomly fitting thing the web's come up with for me--and I find a lot of things scarily accurate at times. My favorite that it came up with for me was "Dementia Black." I think I may just use that someday for a character.

I'm Stumbling through Goth-Culture sites. Don't ask me why. If I didn't think that one of two things would happen (either I'd hurt my tips or my boss would decide I was being "scary" again and send me home) I'd be going in to work tonight in goth-style makeup... I don't know why I feel that urge so strongly today. But when most of the clientele is middle-aged middle-class churchgoing Bible Belt folk, alienating your most direct source of income is a BAD idea.

On Cookie Monster and hedonism.

I've been seeing a lot of this type of clothing. Again, I'd be violating the uniform policy. Then again, they can't afford to send me home. What a dilemma.

Yes, yes, of course I could get some tattoo-sleeve shirts to wear outside work. I would and might, too (if they weren't so costly--I can get real good-sized tats for those prices). But I'm really not sure that would be as much fun as wearing one to work.

Here's a nice gallery of tattoos. Spirit won a prize for one of his once. It was featured in White Wolf Magazine.

OK now I really am gettin ready for work.

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