Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This guy should probably be the envy of every straight man in the world.

I agree with this. The school was stupid, though--it would've gotten old and gotten no attention after about a week if they hadn't decided to get all censoring on him. But the bottom line is if everything's covered then let people wear what they freaking well want. It will be less distracting to the learning environment if you don't make a big deal. I'll exempt Daisy Dukes and micro-minis here; I do see where those cause a distraction.

No shit, Sherlock. Why d'ya think everyone's been up in arms about a possible draft when there's been little to no government discussion or acknowledgment of the possibility?


I'm not sure if I've discussed gays in the military on this blog or not (suddenly I'm reminded of Nathan Lane in drag saying, "Well THERE'S a silly issue! Those uniforms! Those haircuts!! I mean, who CARES!?"), but it's one of those things on which I'm very opinionated (just a few of those out there--I know I've gone off on the Crusade against Drugs before)--here's an article on the military losing a lot of healthcare professionals and other officers to their own policies on gays. Interesting point that after the beating-to-death of PFC Winchell (by others who believed him to be gay), 1/6 of the discharges related to homosexuality a couple years later were at that one base. That suggests to me that a lot of people came out either in support or fear at that point. Anyway, I've known military guys who were gay, and I hate to see what that does to them. There was a gay guy in my high school, the valedictorian of the senior class when I was a freshman, whom everyone knew was gay but his family, who were very involved in the church and for whom "knowing," as opposed to the uneasy denial, would've meant making the hard choice between Church and family. The NT does say to abandon your family and follow Jesus. But the Church is not Christ. The Church is not even the Body or Spirit of Christ. And how many churches now drop even the pretense of worshiping God the Father or the Triune in favor of direct and sole worship of the Christ? Jesus himself, the miracluous Rabbi of the Gospels, would call it blasphemy.

Ew. It was bad enough the time I had to buy TP at a bus station in Korea.

Point of discussion--is it OK to throw leaves, banana peels, apple cores, and other natural biodegradables by the roadside?

Out of 300 men in a class-action, 284 were in arrears on child support? Aside from the part where having been in jail made them more likely to have been behind, I don't think it's statistically likely that that many prisoners have kids and are separated from the mothers--is it?

"Money means nothing to me?"
You know, if that's true, I'd be more than happy to take some off your hands. Or you could've donated the ticket to charity before cashing it. No? Then the money means something.

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