Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's time for Cricket's fantasy shopping list!

This is a good price on a flash drive (Apropos of that I also clicked on a sub-1" HDD. This does seem to have tremendous possibilities, but it seems that for speed-related reasons, increasing the amount of data per space available on flash drives is the way of the future--getting rid of HDDs altogether would speed us up a lot).

This is just plain cool

This makes my tummy growl

I want one of these, too, but it would make me re-set up my usual computer-using area.

Maybe if I have a little splurge money once I TCB with the tax funds, I'll get that iPod I've been wanting. Or just an MP3 player. Hmmmmmm.


(Yeah, it's not much of a comment, but I'll include a "this is so cool I'd think hard about getting it were I designing a dream house"--though really I'd probably get a big garden-style jacuzzi tub for the bathroom and one of the washer/dryer cabinets that do it all in one unit if I had the money to have the house I truly wanted. Don't get me started on the bar/game room today).

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