Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cool manhole covers--that was one of the interesting things I noticed in Korea, decorative manhole covers--I have pictures of a couple.

ohhhhhh, demo.

Note to Jack Thompson...

Part of me says, "awesome," but parts of me get the willies thinking about this.


This is a damned good idea.

I like this page's writeup on the original Nintendo Power writeup of SMB2. "Egg-spitting transvestite dinosaurs!" I still remember reading the original manual when I got that game... "Ostro thinks he's a girl, so he spits eggs." That still makes no got-dang (nod to Hank Hill there) sense.

Why yes, sometimes it is strange to have the sort of memory that you suddenly realize you have a clear page-image including text from something you read 18 years ago. Thanks for asking.

That Nintendo Power link really is awesome, though. My sis still has our old Nintendo and games. Wonder if I could get it working.

Speaking of Nintendo nostalgia and a photographic memory, the commercial bonus at the end is missing the beginning part. Before "NIN-TEN-DO--It's a cereal, WOW!" it went, "Nin-ten-do, it's for break-fast now!"

Someone made as much in the last year repackaging and selling open-source software as I did busting my hump waiting tables. Sometimes I wonder why I don't think of these things, but ultimately, I need to accept that I'm never going to be wealthy because I don't have the motivation. Yeah, I could run or manage a business, and have had some ideas for stores that I could deal with working 70-80 hours a week to make them work as small businesses (especially in the type of setting where I could have the kids there with me after school to do their homework and chill out), but the werewithal to innovate and to create is beyond me. But I'm never going to get rich doing something cool online.

This reminds me of something else a few years ago... ahh, this... Not least because it was put out on the wire services that the young man committed suicide by webcam. The logs aren't online any more at the MeFi link.

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