Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I lost a post with lots of links in it because of a browser crash. Blogspot doesn't seem to save the draft between sessions. Mostly it was well-written headlines and a link to an article about the IRS freezing a bunch of poor people's (average income US$13k) income tax returns related to possible fraud around the Earned Income Credit. This is my demographic, and not what I need to hear right now.

This is a great idea. Like all those supposed codes going around in every high school that every high schooler "knows about" and none actually subscribe to (I did have a cousin who collected can tabs from every guy she made out with in middle school, but generally, all those codes are bogus and just generate press and scare the crap out of the establishment)--but genuine. Just needs a way to personalize it better (like a pagan partner central logo with any number of other symbols on the inside stylized like the shirt design). As it is I wouldn't buy most of the clothing but will probably buy a whole bunch of mini buttons. I might even wear them all to work to see if people ask.

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