Friday, January 20, 2006

If this is true, it's rather sick. Anyone got info on the relative merits of the armors and a good reason for the directive if it was issued?

I try to respect all religions as different ways of viewing the many faces of God, but I will never, never, never get Islam. And yeah, I'll go with the same commentary on Judeo-Christian cultures that have had similar restrictions on women and sexuality to modern-day Islamic countries'. Actually, there's a part of the article that points out that to a point the Muslim world is more open about sexuality than ours. Figures. I don't get Fundamentalists or how they became the dominant voice of American society or why sex, one of the greatest gifts of the Universe, has become the greatest and worst sin of all in the minds of so many billions of people. Yes, billions. No, that's not an exaggeration. And yes, I do know why--control--you can't control happy, content people, so making them afraid and ashamed of their own natural desires and feelings confuses and shames them into believing you can lead them to freedom from themselves--governments and churches both have an interest in promoting that.

The above link is NSFW. So is this one.

My favorite Shakespeare quotation describes well many of the greater mysteries in life: "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
That's either an awesome set of religious experiences or an amazingly clear look at a schizoid decline. Or both--only in this day and age do we separate the madmen from the saints.

candy packaging

This looks kind of good.

You know, fuck history. Even if the historical Pocahontas was a pimply twelve-year-old who never made it with John Smith (but did marry that other John!)... it's still a good story.

Genghis Khan rocked.


of the tickets by phone


This makes me feel sad. Which makes it pretty effective advertising.

Um. Ow. A mild version like the shocker in the shock tanks might be a fun prank to play on the kids someone. Hey, I got you this new controller...

is so, so wrong. Play it. If you're at least 18. And you've ever wanted to watch Mary Ann and Ginger get it on. You know you have. Who hasn't?

This reminds me of the Baen book, "Minerva Wakes," my friend lent me. Bed monsters. Heh.

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