Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm on a spiritual journey with Spiritglue (He was going to be "Duct tape for the Soul," which was a very cumbersome email handle, so I said, "All right, I'll be Spirit Glue," but he decided he liked that so I stuck with Cricket), which is where the All One Wicca link came from. We've been trying to find a faith that fits with what we already believe, and it looks like Universal Eclectic Wicca is our best starting spot (though we both have a certain amount of interest in Feri). I knew we both leaned Pagan, but was shying away from Wicca specifically until the recent research--most "Wiccans" I've known have been teenagers trying to be hiply Goth or grown women more interested in the feminist aspects of Goddess worship than in delving into the realm of Spirit and opening oneself to the connections between body, Soul, and the Spirit of the Universe at large.

HGTV is giving away a dream home like every year. This one's in Lake Lure, NC, which isn't that much of a stretch for relocation, though realistically if I won an expensive dream home, I'd have to sell it to cover the taxes. Maybe I could rent it out as a vacation home and stay in it myself a couple weeks a year... but no... selling it and buying something simple, local and realistic would be best, of course.

But I'd keep the truck.

If I ever do win a lot of money or something I can sell for a lot of money, and build myself that simple little house, it's going to be very low-key--except for the bathroom. The bathroom will look like a Roman Bath or like the Prefects' bathroom in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Ohhhhhhhh yeah, baby.

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