Monday, January 23, 2006

PVP is usually a video game strip. I got to it when going through the Dork Tower archives years ago and finding a crossover week and have been hooked since, so am coming at it from the perspective of the "other" kind of gamer. Therefore, Mr. Kurtz: Best. Punch line. EVER.

This looks like a good idea. But none of my DVDs have boxes these days. It's like someone was giving iPods for CDs. But none of mine have the cases and liner notes, which were required. Who keeps those around nowadays? (OK for DVDs yeah but I mostly keep those in a binder too)

I finally started messing around with Pandora. I don't think it's the right service for me, really--I guess to me songs speak more from the lyrics. I like the songs I like for the overall feeling they give me, but what Pandora thinks are "musically similar" or related by music "genome" aren't songs with the same "feel" to me. I wanted songs like "Rough Sex" by Lords of Acid (most people who know me are more used to me, say, belting out Tommy James and the Shondells in the kitchen, but my tastes in music as everything else are eclectic, and the kitchen music stays on Jukebox Gold). I like some of what it feeds back to me, but none of it has that feeling--OK, I'll take that back. The fifth or so hit was "Melt," by The Start, which is right on, and then another LoA song, "Stripper." So I guess it's kind of hit-and-miss. I think the point is that they don't pay as much attention I'd like to lyrical themes. If I'm looking for a whole station's worth of songs like "Rough Sex," I'm in the mood for some sexual heat lyrically, and if I'm looking for a station's worth of songs like "Don't wanna miss a thing," I'm in a more tender mood and want to hear love songs that lean kind of rock-ballad... well, you get the idea.

Once you register, you can start telling it what you like and don't like. Maybe I'll get it figuring out what I like sooner or later, after all.

I like this tat finder tool. I think I want a custom job anyway when I can get some ink done--but this makes me more inclined to buy printer ink if I have the dough when my taxes get back. Just checked the IRS site and they say the 31st. Good enough. Also figured out that if the paperwork doesn't work out there will be one significant advantage to waiting until after 31 December to get married again--that I can file Head of Household and make a ton of extra dough per Uncle Sam, and use it to move when we can get married. Not a reason to wait, a consolation if I have to.

This is an awesome picture.

Earth View--realtime daylight/darkness and light patterns on the Earth's surface. If you click the view from Moon--well, I was trying to figure it out and logically it seems to me that the Earth should be in the same "moon phase" from the Moon as the Moon is from the Earth--but if that's accurate and this is accurate, they're precisely inverted from each other? If that's accurate, it almost seems to me that that should be the basis of a religion, the secret phase being the dark part of the moon.

So when did Death get the black cowl and cloak? Seems he used to just be a skeleton. Sometimes with a foppish hat.

This is peacenik to the extreme, and accordingly, has some nice hippie ideas on copyright.

How big a business is this really? Dog tags for everyone! Let's find a way to add RFID chips and emboss little images on the back and we can use em instead of any or all government issued ID! Personal aside: Spirit, I really do think you should order new ones since you updated some vital information on yours. From the AF, natch. And yeah, I know, no one says "Natch" any more. It's OK. Really. ...All right, come to think of it, the key tags are sort of cool. Anyway I'm not ordering any form of ID, novel or real, until my next 2 name changes go through.

Green home building

I'm settling in to read this, so I'll leave you with this last link for a while. Fascinating.

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