Friday, January 27, 2006

This looked like a simple social-engineering type experiment from the name--but it looks clear that except for the title and the nod to it in the form "X people have broken the rules..." they actually are asking people to call.

It's about time.

Now there's security.

Making staves.


Speaking as someone in a military town who loves a military man, a whole lot of people with those yellow ribbons aren't sacrificing "two Wolf Blitzer shows a day"--they're sacrificing precious months or years with their loved ones, their fathers (or mothers, yes), their children. Not all of them support the war (or voted in a way that pushed for it), but not supporting the troops would mean deeply betraying those we love. Not supporting the war means we disagree with the political climate. It's not a wuss or incompatible position.

No word on geek moms yet.

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