Thursday, January 26, 2006

This doesn't strike me as a great idea, yet somehow I can think of a few people for whom it would be a perfect gift.

One of the big stories the last couple days is about Chinese Google. Best comment so far: "Most of my favorite web sites would blind a Chinese potato farmer."

I've seen this before without quite the same level of cute. Still worth a smile.

This L.A.Times article on the Papal encyclical strikes me as both right and wrong. If instead of taking sex casually, we use the physical side of love to connect with the spiritual side of it--not confusing or connecting it with the kind of emotional love that creates a long-term commitment, but using the heart of sex to get in touch with ourselves and the greater Spirit--then eros by itself can be worthwhile. The connections they make are right, but twisted in the way that certain Churches twist everything.

This is dead on. My stupid customer story for the week: "What's this in my blue cheese?" "Appears to be a shred of lettuce, sir." "Can I get a new one?" "Of course, sir." Took me 5 minutes to get it because once I got into the kitchen I lost it laughing. God forbid the man get LETTUCE in his salad.

Postsecret is an excellent blog (I only wish the archives remained accessible each new week). Two of them reminded me of someone close to me this week (you know who you are, I'm sure): this one and this one.

Some people are really bored, I think.

Seeing Saturn.

Utah needs to go get laid or something. The whole state.

This looked more fun with the toys with a real person at the other end. NSFW and YMMV.

How do you stick a playstation controller--never mind. I don't wanna know.

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