Friday, January 20, 2006

Lawsuits. I understand lawsuits for pain and suffering when coffee causes you to need a skin graft, as previously discussed. If the coffee has a human body part in it? You talk to the manager then take it straight to the police unless they have a good explanation. You never eat there again. The business does not owe you a million dollars. I've found possibly dangerous stuff in my food before. I called the company and got coupons for new food. Gross stuff, same thing. If you actually ingest part of something with human bits in it the company should pay for you to get checked out and tested for any weird diseases that could be passed along that way, sure, and suing for that I can see. But trying to get rich claiming you found blood or a finger in your food is a sure route to trouble.

Ted looks like a good thing. Show quality might suffer, though.

Someone needs to make a list like this for REAL (i.e. not video) gamers.

More in a bit, time for an XBox break with the kid.

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