Friday, January 13, 2006

I've been messing with my X-Box (I'm just not that great at video games any more, though I used to kick ass at Tekken 3 when it first came out once I figured out the angel's neat flippy combo move thing--couldn't have told you how to do it but my fingers knew the motion, which is like some other things in life, but I digress), then I twisted my knee and have been trying to patch that enough to work on it, so anyway, I haven't been surfing a lot or felt much like blogging the links I have surfed, but I wanted to share this gem before work: Pat Robertson transmogrified into frog. And for my conservative friends who are the old-school sort--kick ass, take names, keep the government out of the bedroom and the doctor's office and the opium den--I respect your beliefs, but I will not respect or vote for a member of the Republican party until the party leadership gets out of bed with the "Family Values" crowd (I have strong family values. They don't include most of what the AFA calls family values) and guys like Robertson and Falwell.

Rant off, got called into work early, gotta go.

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