Thursday, January 19, 2006

I think I'd like to get these, except I don't want to either change the piercing nightly or sleep with my glasses on. If they had an easy way to mount the lenses, just take those on and off a piercing that stayed in? Oh, yeah. Spirit had the PRK surgery and hasn't needed glasses in years now--I watched them do the surgery. It was really cool but there's a film "skin" stuff over the eye and watching them scrape that off someone's eye... well let's say it'd make a decent opening scene to a horror film. It looks like they're doing something awful if bloodless and it turns out that it's just eye-correction surgery but you're left with that sense of the willies and then the eye surgery was with a spooked out laser and leaves the person with the ability to see certain horrible supernatural things (or the eye doctor is the focus of the thriller...). I almost passed out but like half an hour later when they were done and we were leaving.

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