Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Is this a new art trend?

I can see the "no thanks" crowd's point, but I can also see the appeal of this (better if it had a USB/webcam-type camera than a VCR/TV-recording one).

? Hell, I'm too old to even understand the appeal of MySpace, so whatever.

The only things smarter than this post on Scott Adams's blog are the comments to it. This statement: "those who use & 'believe' in the word traditional tend to dismiss new (ie anything less than 100yo) as inherently wrong &/or evil (challenging) in some way."--by a poster called Blue is profound, if it misses the even-more-important point that many of those "traditional" values and thoughts were never held in the way the "traditional values" crowd hold them now. They long for the values of their childhood, in which they remember the good but not the bad. "TGOD(tnw)"* used to be used on Usenet (how many different uses of the word "use" can you come up with in a single clause?) to describe the phenomenon of "family values" folks and Neocon politicials who remember a childhood of being sheltered from everything that didn't fit within a narrow worldview and don't remember that those values included racism and sexism built into society by tradition and law.

Someone Dugg today's Foxtrot--which is now for me showing only the top half of the Doonesbury comic. I don't remember the joke--damn.

No comment
on the taste of the People in question. None whatsoever.

*The Good Old Days (that never were)

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