Monday, January 30, 2006

OK, I take it back. I do have a few links for today.

Self-heating canned hot chocolate. And the kids' version of same. I note the picture also shows Chai and green tea varieties of the adult one. Wish I lived near a Target. I'd try some. Not gonna drive an hour for it.

Yet another kitchen tool I'd love to have even though I never cook any more. I'm going to be hunting back through this blog to find the cooking implements someday when I am in a more, err, domestic situation.

storage arrays are now a reality.

Smart is the new black. Speaking of custom shirts, there were two I wanted to find or have made, and lo and behold, they're both out there. I really, really do want the Spongmonkeys one. It's broken for checking out right now. And the exchange rate might kill me.


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