Thursday, June 29, 2006

A fascinating look at "other"-sex people, historically and biologically


Spirit's still sleeping, so good night, world

Journey safely home to me, adored one. A spell for you, and some maps on which to trace your journey for the spell--I know you will carry the malachite with you.
Well, it's something...

I note:
"Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Martin said listing homosexuality as a mental disorder, although mistaken, only ruled it out as a physical disability for the purposes of separation or retirement from the military, and had no other practical effect."

Do mental/psychiatric illnesses not count as disabilities "for the purposes of separation or retirement for the military?" That's an issue in and of itself, especially in cases like battle-induced PTSD.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I got a 95% (missed the INS one on a coin toss)

Hurry and check this out before the Scientologists' lawyers get hold of it

I still remember liking this stuff. Their taste tests before the release bear that idea up.

(If you're not really geeky--don't bother)

oooooooooooh NSFW



We buy too much stuff. I go long periods without buying any stuff because I'm generally broke, but then I buy way too much stuff--Spirit will say "let's go shopping" and I don't have the will to say no after feeling broke for so long (this will change when our budgets are merged--we'll have a fun-shopping budget so we don't cut into expenses, but him being overseas has cut expenses for a while so we could have some fun). Today I was just going to get gas and groceries and Pet wanted to look for one specific item at the mall. Well, they didn't have it, but since we were at the mall, we had to go to the game store (one used game, $8 with tax). And Bath and Body Works (oh, man, they have my scent back in on clearance--well, shit, it's seasonal, if I don't they'll never have it again--2 bottles of perfume and some body wash and two chapsticks since we've both had chapped lips and will want them soft, ahem, soon--$45). AND Waldenbooks (replacement copies of books I know Spirit had sent straight to Alaska that I will want on the drive, and the A.N.Roquelaure-who's-really-Anne-Rice-so-what-is-up-with-the-major- religious-twist-of-hers-who-saw-that- coming-anyway Sleeping Beauty series 'cause Pet hasn't read them and I thought she needed to, and some Lindor truffles, and a book on Herb Magick, $75-ish) And then we still needed groceries. I did get a personal shopping day at Walden/Borders good for July, though. *rolls eyes*

I was ready to pass out from dizziness and fatigue by the time we were done at Food Lion, though. Good thing I gave away my shift.

Also, yuck.

Ew ew ew ew EWWWWW

Friday, June 23, 2006

Red what?

Why on earth is this an issue? What's with the square? If nominally Christian-leaning areas use a Cross and Moslems a Crescent, why isn't there a Red Star doing the same thing in Israel? And why a generic everyone-else symbol and not a Star of David?

This looks like it could be cool to surf, but YouTube is down tonight, and must be the format for the vids.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Don't eat that...

Interesting tidbit du jour: Polar Bear's liver contains toxic-to-humans levels of Vitamin A and is not safe to ingest.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Queer monkeys

Gay animals and sexual selection
Err, just click it



different kind of ECM for you babe

I love the geeky things kids do

Another pic of the day page from NASA

Fun science stuff--Fantastical Fridays


I do not recall ever feeling so disturbed as this in my life. Perhaps our roomie would like one to care for. I must admit if this were real I'd consider it, but really, I don't want any more (even real) animals at this point in life--too much to think about if I want to take off somewhere for 2 days or 2 weeks. I'm almost having conniptions at trying to get my chihuahua cared for for one weekend to get married. (Yeah of course I'm going to be dealing with very large dogs when we move. I don't remember thinking my personal preferences were relevant to much of anything else in the last decade or so, either).

"Ten things I know about drugs"

Telecom fraud

This looks like it has a high potential for abuse (if you poke around online, you can see examples of other tobaccoless nicotine options being used by students to keep them up during exams etc). I'm all for low levels of drug "abuse," though--it's letting them run your life that's a problem.

Fish Oil for ADHD?

The Pentagon still thinks TEH GAY is a mental disorder? What do they think of men who love TEH LESBO?

"But to the man whose hand or arm she is holding, she is not "average." She is the whole world to him." Beautiful.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh, wow. How Marlon Brando reprised his role as Jor-El. Yeah, the same Brando. Yeah, he's dead and wasn't in the same shape he was in '78 by, ohhh, '83. Seriously cool CGI (ish) here.

Also, Superman by the bunnies

And Caddyshack

Sunday, June 18, 2006

North Korea, stuck in 1950 forever?

Old-ass turtle


(Seriously, I'm not even a guy. Fuckin' ow.)

Save Screech's house!

Tipping. Seriously. More on this on the wait blog later, but sometimes your server has worked a 13-hour day trying to support her kids and your ass expects everything RIGHT NOW even though she's just said she'll be right back with it or to take care of it and she accommodates you at the expense of everyone else in her section who doesn't even have drinks and bread yet and you leave an 8% tip? Don't go out to eat if that's all someone taking care of your every whim is worth to you. Really. Fuck off.

Friday, June 16, 2006

If you've been following the kids-hear-higher-sounds story, this is interesting. Anecdotally, my five-year-old boy's ears and my 28-year-old ones both had our threshold between 20k and 21k--so, I guess, I'm ready to teach school, 'cause I'll definitely hear a 15k ringtone. I'll have a headache from hell, though. Remind me not to frequent those Mosquito stores.
Funniest thread ever
You know what? If my man got into this situation I'd fully expect him to call me, and say, "I got these 2 girls here, you wanna join us? And to act in the moment if I didn't. I mean is this really this intellectual a problem for other people and their ridiculous sexual hangups?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pure genius.

You may now return to your day... IF you can (bwahaha)
Oh, hell no. This reminds me of Saturday at the pharmacy. They ring up $125 worth of my prescriptions and a soda, and then it's "I'm sorry, you'll have to take this robitussin flu to the front counter to sign for it." "Kid, are you going to make meth with your cough syrup?" "Yes, mother..." (he's been calling me "mother").

This is a little old as news at this point, but in case anyone missed it a few weeks ago: gay bombs! Give 'em TEH GAY and they won't fight no mo'!


I only skimmed this, and I am not an atheist, but it's interesting nevertheless.

Who needs sleep?

OK, I do. Time for milk and melatonin. Peace,

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let me get this straight. A human, had sex with a pony, and it killed the PONY?

I've said it before, I'll say it again: MEDITATE!

Or at least drink coffee.


This sounds like a big version of crack sticks (Gods but those are addictive!) (there's a contest to win a gift pack)

Ahh, cheese.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bits and pieces

Interesting info about the clitoris

Brain inhibition enables savant-like counting skills


There are a lot of smart people lost to academia
School burns us out
We burn ourselves out before we can get all the way through school
No, I don't have an IQ of 195. Yes, I do have an IQ in the top .2% of the population. Yes, that's 1/500. And yeah, I'm a waitress. I went to a top school on a full ride to become a burnt-out exhausted slacker.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


While looking for dragon pictures for my sis, I found this--hours of sticker surfing for your pleasure. For the truck, the house windows, tattoo ideas... just gorgeous. The fairie flowers page has a "Caution... I brake for..." sticker which I have mounted on a magnet that's on my truck. I love it.

If anyone reading this has any medieval dragon pictures, please send to katoninetales at gmail. My sis is looking for tattoo ideas--she wants a full-back piece, of a dragon, with wings, and "without that snakey body if possible" (i.e. she wants a medieval-style rather than Asian-style dragon... anyone have a D&D coloring book with the types?)

Scroll down here for some awesome artwork, too. I like this, but I can't read the blog proper to find out how to get non-thumbnails--I had one semester of third-year french (yeah, I started with year 3. Made a B, too) some 16 years ago, and not since. Spanish I can get along with if it's written so I can process at own pace.

Medieval-themed home decor. I like this. Especially as any home I live in will be teched-out like mad. It's balanced, non?

Oooooooh minis!

Oh, they had "Mazes and Monsters" in the $5 bin at Wal Mart. I was tempted, but then figured I would not be able to watch without nausea. You know, early-80s Tom Hanks bit that convinced everyone D&D players were all taking it seriously to the point of obsession and suicide? Yeah, that piece of crap.

*Drools* That reminds me, I was supposed to check out some things at Museum Replicas.

More dragons at Elfwood for the bored

I took my melatonin like an hour ago, so good night!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

"The fact that youth smoking rates are not declining anymore is a wake-up call" No, it's a sign that there's at some point an equilibrium of smoking teenagers who don't care that it's unhealthy. I've gotten to the screw off and leave people to their vices opinion of government.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Jon Stewart is My Hero, and some F Bombs

"I think it's a debate about whether you think gay people are part of the human condition or just a random fetish." (as opposed to "whether you think marriage should be between a man and a woman"). I would so be Jon Stewart's love slave. (Should real fetishists still joke about being someone's love slave?)

Geek on!

Fuck that

Where did Sugasm go? Talk about withdrawal... (or perhaps, speaking of "fuck")

Fuck this, too

I blog things as I click them, rather than compiling a list first, so after all these Fs I can't even spare one for this all-too-appropriate article

How do you deal with food cravings? I woke up yesterday feeling so rotten I decided to start over with the healthier lifestyle, but natch, now I am craving Cyclone Pasta (without the ham).

Stupid child needs to be grounded until she's 30... how can you be paying little enough attention to fly off to a country that will make you wear a Burqa and not stand with any man in public.

Loud Cheering
The punchline is at the end, so watch it all

Blogger was down earlier, so what I surfed this afternoon:


Don't miss the Woot-Off! (I missed something I needed while I was still at work. I really need to stop viewing Woot in RSS, but it was stuck on one thing when I got home last night and another when I got up today, so whatever)

Do not use wireless camera monitors in your house. Especially if you're going to use them to keep an eye on your SO tied up in another room. It could be detrimental and deleterious to your career, public life, etc.

na-na na-na na-na na-na... STEALTH WINGS!

Just, no. If Spirit's knee were better, I have no doubt he'd be all over learning this. He's a physical guy and prone to just ducking into a forward roll for no reason at all.

Dude. My tattoos are so 20th-century

"I'm Stephen Colbert, but I play him on TV"


Joe the Orc

This just in: Robertson a nutjob

Nice calendar for the kids, erm, dungeon is always smart. In a sad way. Even those of us who don't work cubicle farms--Spirit, or at least Drethic, in their military shops, and I at my tables still know what it is to be treated this way (except, none of us is in the slightest danger of losing our jobs).

Now I'm surfing because I got cut off the AFIM when I tried to relog to celebrate my new name. I'm quite irritated because I should've waited until the weekend--I know they always seem to be down between 1 and 3 (12-2 CDT, which is where the servers are).

I feel like crap, btw, and would like to kill all those parties responsible for allowing mass antibiotics (the real source of superbugs) into the foodstream while keeping it so I have to go to great expense to get $4 worth of amoxicillin when I know bloody well that what's wrong with me is an ear infection.

Would you consider this? (also, re: the problem at the end of the story, shouldn't the dr. have been able to get it out using a strong magnet?)



Here's some fascinating stats to surf

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lots to celebrate today.
Spirit got his divorce.
I got my divorce papers so it's really over over.
Changed my name (yeah--I'm silly--will be changing it in a month again anyway).
And that fucking defense of marriage amendment got voted down in the Senate.
Yep, it's a great day.
Set off the fireworks.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is funny. NSFW, hot mostly-nekkid girls, you're warned now, so good.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Strange Vibes (NSFAnyone)

I have been inspired. Sorry for the random adultness, but, without farther ado, it's...

wacky vibrator day!!!

OK, if you're a collector, but who uses these?

Hello Kitty
I Rub My Duck
(search "vibrator duck" on Google, but I think that's the original)
The Virtual Vibrator
Oh, hell, just hit this whole page on Babeland. Especially Wormie. Who wants Wormie on her pussy?
The Eroscillator is supposed to be good, but it looks like a toothbrush. I have a funny image of someone using the business end of an electric toothbrush as a, ahem, marital aid...
And some condoms??
How about some bananas and cucumbers?
Whilst we're doing this, I must add a couple favorites for amusement at adult novelties: The Erection Collection and Big Sex Toys (see the horse collection--Percheron or Arabian?)

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Because it's on my mind, handfastings
Screw that year and a day trial thing, though--we've been through our time as trial mates sans ceremony (and through hell to be together). Even a nine-year commitment would be too short. I expect to love, honor, worship, adore, and obey him until the Universe dies and is born anew.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nothing dirty here
I try to keep the sex toys out of this blog, but they are everywhere today.

First, my new "I want this next time I win a few hundred bucks at something or make a bonus at work": The Sinnflut

Second, I got something in the mail today that I am not certain I should open. It looks like a box o hardware, so I could carry it around in the truck innocently enough... Spirit, m'love, it is so not going to *pack* for the honeymoon weekend--you want the hardware rattling around in the truck for the weekend?
Scott Kurtz, not making magic happen

This is interesting. If you have to sneak the porn, you have the wrong partner. "Wow, check out the ass on this babe, m'love." "Oooh, that's a nice device, wonder if we could make one?" Spirit and I will half-cuddle against each other, both with our laptops, surfing porn, or we'll IM the links if we're in different chairs.

I get the "hypocrites" bit here, but I still think the biggest out there are Sony, the underdog in the Betamax case nearly a quarter-century ago, now the biggest sue-happy copyright-hoggin' company in the biz


A bit I found on Clicked on the History of Oil. Too long for me to watch all of tonight, but will be a nice time-killer tomorrow.