Sunday, June 11, 2006


While looking for dragon pictures for my sis, I found this--hours of sticker surfing for your pleasure. For the truck, the house windows, tattoo ideas... just gorgeous. The fairie flowers page has a "Caution... I brake for..." sticker which I have mounted on a magnet that's on my truck. I love it.

If anyone reading this has any medieval dragon pictures, please send to katoninetales at gmail. My sis is looking for tattoo ideas--she wants a full-back piece, of a dragon, with wings, and "without that snakey body if possible" (i.e. she wants a medieval-style rather than Asian-style dragon... anyone have a D&D coloring book with the types?)

Scroll down here for some awesome artwork, too. I like this, but I can't read the blog proper to find out how to get non-thumbnails--I had one semester of third-year french (yeah, I started with year 3. Made a B, too) some 16 years ago, and not since. Spanish I can get along with if it's written so I can process at own pace.

Medieval-themed home decor. I like this. Especially as any home I live in will be teched-out like mad. It's balanced, non?

Oooooooh minis!

Oh, they had "Mazes and Monsters" in the $5 bin at Wal Mart. I was tempted, but then figured I would not be able to watch without nausea. You know, early-80s Tom Hanks bit that convinced everyone D&D players were all taking it seriously to the point of obsession and suicide? Yeah, that piece of crap.

*Drools* That reminds me, I was supposed to check out some things at Museum Replicas.

More dragons at Elfwood for the bored

I took my melatonin like an hour ago, so good night!

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