Friday, June 09, 2006

The punchline is at the end, so watch it all

Blogger was down earlier, so what I surfed this afternoon:


Don't miss the Woot-Off! (I missed something I needed while I was still at work. I really need to stop viewing Woot in RSS, but it was stuck on one thing when I got home last night and another when I got up today, so whatever)

Do not use wireless camera monitors in your house. Especially if you're going to use them to keep an eye on your SO tied up in another room. It could be detrimental and deleterious to your career, public life, etc.

na-na na-na na-na na-na... STEALTH WINGS!

Just, no. If Spirit's knee were better, I have no doubt he'd be all over learning this. He's a physical guy and prone to just ducking into a forward roll for no reason at all.

Dude. My tattoos are so 20th-century

"I'm Stephen Colbert, but I play him on TV"


Joe the Orc

This just in: Robertson a nutjob

Nice calendar for the kids, erm, dungeon is always smart. In a sad way. Even those of us who don't work cubicle farms--Spirit, or at least Drethic, in their military shops, and I at my tables still know what it is to be treated this way (except, none of us is in the slightest danger of losing our jobs).

Now I'm surfing because I got cut off the AFIM when I tried to relog to celebrate my new name. I'm quite irritated because I should've waited until the weekend--I know they always seem to be down between 1 and 3 (12-2 CDT, which is where the servers are).

I feel like crap, btw, and would like to kill all those parties responsible for allowing mass antibiotics (the real source of superbugs) into the foodstream while keeping it so I have to go to great expense to get $4 worth of amoxicillin when I know bloody well that what's wrong with me is an ear infection.

Would you consider this? (also, re: the problem at the end of the story, shouldn't the dr. have been able to get it out using a strong magnet?)



Here's some fascinating stats to surf

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