Monday, June 05, 2006

Strange Vibes (NSFAnyone)

I have been inspired. Sorry for the random adultness, but, without farther ado, it's...

wacky vibrator day!!!

OK, if you're a collector, but who uses these?

Hello Kitty
I Rub My Duck
(search "vibrator duck" on Google, but I think that's the original)
The Virtual Vibrator
Oh, hell, just hit this whole page on Babeland. Especially Wormie. Who wants Wormie on her pussy?
The Eroscillator is supposed to be good, but it looks like a toothbrush. I have a funny image of someone using the business end of an electric toothbrush as a, ahem, marital aid...
And some condoms??
How about some bananas and cucumbers?
Whilst we're doing this, I must add a couple favorites for amusement at adult novelties: The Erection Collection and Big Sex Toys (see the horse collection--Percheron or Arabian?)

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