Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We buy too much stuff. I go long periods without buying any stuff because I'm generally broke, but then I buy way too much stuff--Spirit will say "let's go shopping" and I don't have the will to say no after feeling broke for so long (this will change when our budgets are merged--we'll have a fun-shopping budget so we don't cut into expenses, but him being overseas has cut expenses for a while so we could have some fun). Today I was just going to get gas and groceries and Pet wanted to look for one specific item at the mall. Well, they didn't have it, but since we were at the mall, we had to go to the game store (one used game, $8 with tax). And Bath and Body Works (oh, man, they have my scent back in on clearance--well, shit, it's seasonal, if I don't they'll never have it again--2 bottles of perfume and some body wash and two chapsticks since we've both had chapped lips and will want them soft, ahem, soon--$45). AND Waldenbooks (replacement copies of books I know Spirit had sent straight to Alaska that I will want on the drive, and the A.N.Roquelaure-who's-really-Anne-Rice-so-what-is-up-with-the-major- religious-twist-of-hers-who-saw-that- coming-anyway Sleeping Beauty series 'cause Pet hasn't read them and I thought she needed to, and some Lindor truffles, and a book on Herb Magick, $75-ish) And then we still needed groceries. I did get a personal shopping day at Walden/Borders good for July, though. *rolls eyes*

I was ready to pass out from dizziness and fatigue by the time we were done at Food Lion, though. Good thing I gave away my shift.

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