Monday, January 30, 2006

Thank you, Spirit. I'm glad they had to be re-delivered... I was in exactly the mood to need that bit of romantic gush today--not that it would have been less appreciated a week ago.

For the peanut gallery, the card says, "Your eyes are the stars of my Universe. Happy Valentine's Day!" Valentine's Day is a touchy subject 'round here, being my former wedding anniversary, and I'm a little touchy and emotionally wrung-out in only the way holding your best friend's or sibling's new-born baby can cause today. Only really baby-phobic or adamantly childless women can hold new babies (save their own) without feeling a deep sort of longing, even if they aren't really planning on having (more) children in the near future (or at all). I have too much to be really sad about it, but am still emotionally on edge. My friend's new baby is adorable, though. Only about 2/3 the size mine was at birth (and the lucky mom had about 4 hours of labor and no tearing or episiotomy--we should all be so blessed!) and sweet and sleepy--I see now why all the nurses remarked so much on how alert mine was in the days after birth.

Thank you for the update, Mr. Martin. Also, thank you way in advance for continuing Arya's storyline in this book. I enjoyed Feast. I did. Especially the way Cersei's part finished. And the deeper look at Dorne. But the next one promises so much more of the parts I'm most attached to... (Personal friends who're here because I promised to put all my links here--you may not care about the above unless you've actually started reading the books I left yas--and Spirit, I know you're on other books for now).

Anyway, that's it for today. This isn't usually my personal forum, but I'm tired, and not really surfing, so my messages for the world today are more personal than usual.

Blessed be,

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