Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A fascinating look at performance-enhancing drugs

Got here from a celebrity gossip blog I wasn't interested in (Clicked apparently linked to it because he thought he should). I think I still like bodycandy better--good deals on some neat stuff, although I'm still a little sad I lost the Care Bear belly button ring I got from there, but the skull on the main graphic at Chain Gang is cool. I like having jewelry but I hate changing it often--I'm wearing malachite captured-bead rings in all three of my below-the-neck piercings, both for spiritual protection and because I don't like changing the nipple rings in particular, so I like having something simple and comfortable most of the time. Nonetheless, these are nice.

I have no idea how the springs at Qlam didn't make this page of best time-wasters.

In the middle of talking to my mother over ICQ (yeah baby I'm an old-fashioned IMer I'm still on ICQ! And the person I talk to most has SIX DIGITS in his number!) one of the keys called from work. "Cricket, did May talk to you last night? You were here late in the office with her, right?" "Yep. She didn't talk to me about anything in particular, what's up?" "ARGH she was supposed to ask you if you could pick up a shift for us Thursday or Friday." "OK I'll take a Thursday--WAIT! No, I have plans with Mia on Thursday. Make it Friday, OK?" So I'll be on another 6-day week with my day off at the beginning. It starts again. But even when we had slow periods, I'm pretty sure I was making good money last winter with all the 6-day weeks and the overtime. I'll be in overtime after the first two and a half hours tonight, and the next schedule looks the same (I'd freakin' well better have three tables in my section picking up a Friday night, though--if I pick up a Friday I had off to end up with $40 I'll be angry, yea, and my anger is Righteous).

Speaking of time wasters, One More Level is a site whose name says it all. Some variations on the sand game are included.

Argh! I see your point, buddy, but don't tar an entire nation with the same brush. Some Americans are guilty of the same thing? Of course they are. That doesn't mean you need to assume every American is a francophobe, an Anglophile, or an idiot. This list would be FUNNY without the insulting title. Funnier with to those who hate the US or are convinced it's a nation of morons, but remember, that guy in office couldn't even win the popular vote on the day he got there.

I miss my Usenet days. Google Groups gets you the same place but isn't the same somehow.

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