Sunday, January 22, 2006

A 2005 in pictures montage

Ahhhhhhh a recipe for the kind of pinkish sauce you get at Japanese places. I have a full belly and am still hit by a sudden craving for teppanyaki cuisine.

Cartoon network just gave me a great bonus--my favorite episode of American Dad ("Stan of Arabia") followed by my favorite episode of Family Guy ("Emission Impossible"--the one with Wallace Shawn as a sperm).

Another recipe for the same stuff. This looks a little hotter.

Great advice on codec packs if you've ever had problems with those.

Good design website--seems to be about well-designed products of all sorts. Nice. I found a link on there to retractable (vanishing nib) fountain pens. I haven't used a fountain pen in years because of leak problems but I always loved them.

Just found out that school registration has already started for the kids. I may not know for sure where I will be in September, but I think I should be going down there to get a registration packet tomorrow. Or sometime this week. Well, at least, I'll call.

A diatribe against chiropractic "medicine." Exactly right--chiropractors who are too into chiropractic theory do real damage by not acknowledging the interaction of the various body systems rather than simply assuming that joints and vertebrae subtly out of place and pressing the nerves are to blame for all our ills--even real muscular injuries. I think the chiropractor my folks dragged me to at the age of 10 messed me up forever and am unlikely to be convinced otherwise.

On the other hand, I'm not the kind of skeptic most of these folk are--I know I can feel what's wrong with other people simply by using my fingers a lot of the time. The thing is that reflexologists and acupuncturists and "healing touch" providers claim to be alternatives to medicine rather than licensed medical professionals. OK, Massage therapy is a grey area there.

Oh, the insanity. That's a horribly-designed site, aside from the insanity involved, but the rantings of madmen are generally interesting to hear or read. But seriously, read the bit about 1/3 down about the four 24-hour days in "one rotation of the earth." First, each of those is a separate rotation, and secondly, how does the guy get "four?" What's so magical about noon and midnight? And on most of the globe sunup-sunup or sundown-sundown isn't 24 hours exactly (and if he defines midnight and midday by daylight and darkness instead of the clock, those aren't either--and if he's going by the clock, well, I can define hundreds of 24-hour days that make a single rotation of the earth). Yeah, I rationalize the irrational. Call it a quirk. (Actually this guy claims the clock is a lie, too, so he's clearly going on Sun Time).

Stone pages.

I think some new diet pills (green tea herbal things) are making me a little weird. They're putting me more on the schedule I "should" be on because when they wear off at night I'm out of energy and all but passing out, but it's *weird* since I'm used to being up very late. Ah, well, sleep calls. Good night.

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