Sunday, January 15, 2006

Follow your nose. It always knows... (apologies to Toucan Sam and the Kellogg Corporation)

Go Panthers! It's been a fairly close game thus far. 16-7 CAR at halftime. Game stats here.

I don't know why I like CribCandy so much. It's basically overpriced designer furniture and housewares I will never be able to afford. And I'm usually not that style-conscious, but I like some of the stuff.

These look like some very nice scented candles (and body butters and soaps). Prices look a little steep at first until I note that the $35 pillar candle is 3 inches diameter and NINE inches tall. Some of the little 3-oz soy candles are under $5, and those are usually more expensive as they're longer- and cleaner-burning than wax. They make me wish they could figure out how to effectively send scents over the TV or website. I also clicked a bunch of other scent sites, but all very steep for what I'd usually pay to fragrance my room--nice incense and decent candles are not all that expensive, compared to a few ounces of room spray that would last me a couple months at most selling for $30-ish. I still have half a coffee candle I was sent as a gift months ago (also, I like to rotate the scents).

No, I don't read Japanese either, but this is amusing for about five minutes. The power bar starts going too fast to time after a couple rounds, and in the rounds where it doesn't look like she's wearing panties, I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to click. NSFW site--aside from the very softcore anime there're some naughty pictures at the bottom.

Lots of advice for first-timers wanting tattoos.

Blogger seems to be down at the moment. I may have to copy this and save it for later. As it tries to autosave it tells me it can't connect, and it took me several minutes to get to this page, so it may just be a fluke that I connected in the first place.

Panthers are holding up, 23-14 against Chicago.

23-21. Darn.

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