Sunday, January 15, 2006

The gods of chocolate smile upon you. As an aside, I find it interesting that representations such as the Goddess of Willendorf and the Venus of Laussel exist at all, yet many insist that there was never a matriarchal, mother-worshipping prehistoric society. The first and obvjous thing to venerate as we learn to worship is Birth.

Any questions?

This would be almost as scary to see on your date's dad's wall as Spirit's sword collection... No pics, they're all boxed up. Sorry.

I'll disagree with the tag "essential" for a lot of these--some aren't even "good"--but this is definitely a good basic list of free programs.

Medical anomalies... Ok, this isn't "normal" reading, but still interesting. The "Obstetric anomalies" page starts with several stories about women giving birth while unconscious or sleeping. Sure, that's the way! The prolificity chapter starts with some of the darker chapters (to my modern Western sensibilities) of history, Eastern and Western. Hey, has anyone read Lowry's _The Giver_? They Release an infant because they can't have twins in the society, and the one who is marginally smaller, thus weaker, is removed from the society.

Satellite pictures of earth--neat. If you know where a satellite is, you can even get a picture from one that's not in their list.

This is adult and NSFW: comprehensive list of sexual positions, kinks, info, etc. It's on a science and philosophy site that's more than worth a look.

Yes, but does it have cable internet? No, I wouldn't make a really good treehugger, hippie liberal though I can be.

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