Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hey, little boy, do you want some candy?

I find CandyBlog's chocolate reviews fascinating. They read like wine reviews, but when I taste wine I "get" what they're talking about when they say something has an oaky flavor or chocolate notes or (...). When it comes to chocolate, I don't get a lot of the descriptions. Some of them I do, but getting cherry or grape notes from a good chocolate bar is beyond me. It's still awesome that someone else does.


I'm torn by this. I don't actually know whether a weekend at a posh hotel or this would be a nicer gift. Guess that makes me halfway to really cool.

Ohhhhhhh I need a bag of these. I'll need chocolate to brace for the onslaught when the ex starts feeling maudlin about what would be our 8th wedding anniversary. I still have some Ghana mild/extra cacao bars, too, but might as well treat myself to something seasonal. Hey, does anyone with any pull know who we have to... kiss up to... at Hershey to keep the Cookies 'N' Mint bars around? When they go, they're gone for years.

These seem a little naughty. All the good really-naughty candy companies seem to have gone.

Whenever I see furniture that looks simple yet appealing, it turns out to be really expensive (by my own definition and means).

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