Monday, January 09, 2006

OK so I haven't made it to bed yet. Was meditating, then wanted to describe the experience. Long story short I found myself drawn to Mt. Fuji. Then because describing it involved talking about the steps, including letting myself go numb, I noticed that Gmail had shown related and sponsored pages--about sciatica and diabetes-caused numbness. So I started poking around to see what other gems I had and got drawn into reading some spiritual pages (and shopping pages...).

Secular humanism isn't really my thing--I'm too spiritual-leaning to believe that way except on my most jaded days--but it's a good and admirable path for those who choose to eschew faith as superstition. The original concept of humanism isn't explicitly secular, but liberally religious (the founder of humanism was a Unitarian minister, and I do lean Unitarian, sort of). I guess Spiritual Humanism fits in with my brand of ecclectic neopaganism. This form of Pantheism might come too close to rejecting the idea that there's a greater Spirit to the Universe for me, though I agree with some of the ideas. Their FAQ does draw parallels with pagan ideals, so while this deserves more reading and research for me, I do believe in a God who is (or can be) Personal, even if S/He is the Spirit of the Universe itself or contained within it.

These are too cute. "Ganesh is my Om boy?" I'd wear that just to watch people say "huh?" That dragon shirt is gorgeous, too. Each shirt is a link to a category--more T-shirts to add to the endless list of things I'd buy if I suddenly had more money than Monty Burns. I tell ya I'd buy a big house to store it all in, then blow through that man's entire fortune online in a week. Anyway, I also really like this.

Meditation Expert has a lot of meditations across several religious beliefs. It's mostly trying to sell you something, and leans toward east Asian styles of belief and meditation, but looks like it contains enough interesting reading (PDF file link) to keep me busy for a while. The PDF eBook goes back to the sometimes-held believe that semen is vital to the essence of the human body, and that to achieve spiritual and physical health men must hold back from ejaculation during orgasm. This does make men "multiorgasmic" but from research I have read on the supposedly multiorgasmic male (the study I read had found *one* man in thousands who did not require recuperation time--I forget the technical term--after orgasm) these ejaculate-less "orgasms" are very far in sensation, chemistry, and brain effect from the real thing. And if it is a vital part of the essence of Man? Then giving to me of his essence is the greatest gift a lover can bring to me.

looks like it might have some meditations that are more up my alley.

More places to spend money I'm never going to have. I like the prayer wheel amulet.

Your name with viking runes.

A spice page that includes the medicinal properties of the spices.

If the idea of the end of the world doesn't fill you with any sort of fear, does that make you skeptical, fatalistic, or exceptionally well-balanced?

This reminds me of my idea that restaurants should have lights like airplanes for service, only maybe several of them--a light for "requires service" and a light for "requires bussing," maybe that light up a board in the kitchen, or at least a set of lights at the table, one of which means "needs cleaning" and one of which means "DO NOT BUS." Nothing worse than having to comp an expensive drink because a busser stuffed a napkin in it just as the solo patron returned from the bathroom to the table. Unless it's having to comp a whole meal because the same busser cleared the last 5 bites of someone's steak...

Some gorgeous art. More. Tendreams appears to have a lot of nice art.

This guy makes a great case for micropayments.

Darkly Gothic poetry generator. Comes up with some oddly pretty stuff, in a funny sarcastic kind of way.

Cows With Guns reminds me of the story from last week about the cow who went on the run, swimming an icy-cold river and narrowly avoiding being hit by a train before her recapture.


become more uniform with each passing year. (reference for older ones)

Names of God. There's a SF story in which the end of the world is brought about by the discovery of the last unknown name of God.

So, now I will really go to bed. Night, world.

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