Saturday, January 14, 2006

Now here's something I'd lean toward labelling a frivolous lawsuit. In case anyone reading this isn't a close personal friend so hasn't heard my rant about the most common example of a "frivolous" suit, please read this before you spout off about coffee, OK? Thanks. (Google search on same subject--the ATLA press room links are good as well--and you can find some real frivolous suits listed in these links that will make your head spin, though all the ones on the Stella Awards email forward are completely debunked across these sites). If the guy actually did drive to Ohio from Alabama... but hell, what cyberstalker would just take pictures of the house? You can get the same thing online via satellite free, as in, without spending a couple hundred bucks in gas money.

My stomach hurts today, and I find myself oddly longing for a Starbucks coffee. Unfortunately, the nearest Starbucks is, well, far enough from here that while I could make it there and back before work, it'd be really, really silly of me. Maybe I'll go splurge $7 at the new Quizno's instead.

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