Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Earth War! (game)--looks like it might be fun, if more involved than I'm in the mood for after three rousing games of The Game of Life--Spongebob Squarepants edition. Glad I picked this up, though--it gets the kid off wanting to play the Jedi's Path one, which is considerably more complex. He's fully capable of all the nuance of this one.

Now this is a calc tutorial. Hell, I think the five-year-old above would learn a couple basic calc rules from these ladies. I know, I know, but he likes girls in skimpy bathing suits. Now doubt about his orientation. He's reading over my shoulder and says "And I like ladies in nothing." We try not to hide the human body from him, but we're also not exposing him to Playboy or even Maxim, so I'm not sure where this comes from.

Drink recipe search
. I'd like to sample more cocktails these days but never seem to have the time, money, and availability all at the same time. Since going off the minibottles, our bar has a lot more options if I've ever got the time between clock-out and closing. This one sounds like it'd be up my alley. Same site has a "my bar" where you can tell it what you have and it'll tell you what you can make.

I find Accidental Hedonist interesting. It's a food blog, where my own hedonist leanings are a little different--but then, it's more that I can afford a certain amount of body luxury in terms of sex and in terms of what's absolutely necessary to keep me functional--pillows and other creature comforts that keep my pain levels in check--where I can't afford to be an epicure. I do love good food and good wine and good booze when they're available to me. I don't avoid reading these things because I'm not interested but because they whet my appetites for things that may remain out of my reach indefinitely.

Parent Hacks looks like some useful stuff.

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