Wednesday, January 25, 2006

From the folk who brought you Demotivators (and trademarked the frowny face emoticon) come BitterSweets! Valentines for yourself or that horrid Ex... While you're there, check out "DespairWear." I'm thinking I'd like an "Unleash the power of Mediocrity" tee.

This is one hell of a design statement.

Speaking of candy hearts, All your candy are belong to us!

Real Men of Genius parodies

Some people are seriously geeks. I think I'm in love (just kidding babe!)


This is interesting. I find that naturally my body wants a pattern where I sleep from about 3-4AM to 10Am and then again from about 3-4PM to about 6, which is more bimodal than what this guy is talking about and is also impossible to actually do as I have to hold a job and be with my kid.

Also interesting. Lists as "nonpartisan think tank." Opinions on that?

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