Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sex--better with a partner? (The interesting part is that it seems they point to a form of mini-ED caused by prolactin, a feel-good hormone that floods the body after orgasm--moreso with a partner--as the cause of the male refractory period).

How severe a punishment do ride-by butt-smacks warrant?

Living here would make it tough to give an address

Is this blog legal? Or are the MP3s?

This looks interesting, with a less than legal hack for those who'd do that kind of thing

Poke looks like more work than just playing the game to get your stuff/money.

Broke and Broker?

I could think of so-much-better things to do with a secret room than grow pot.

Damn but I'd like to be on some sort of global culinary journey--I'm starting here.

Neurogenesis (brain-growing/rebuilding) versus cages--or cubicles

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