Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Liberator Shapes

coke with real sugar instead of corn syrup

Fighting over Oscar tickets. Oh, to have these freaking problems. Dear academy, send me one. I'll be out of debt by next week.

I've heard nothing but good about Choxie. However, as in a couple weeks I'll be swimming in Korean chocolate, I'll hold off on ordering any.

A murphy bed for pets. Dear Spirit, WHY?

This is just sad. Why not just hand out business cards to everyone you like in a club? "Ann, sco/sag cusper, into movies, Teh Intarweb, books and music of all kinds, and my kinks are beyond number--email if interested!" "Jim-Bob, don't believe in astrology, into tractors, country music, and beer, gimme a call if ya wanna maybe go fer a drink"--hey, maybe ice-breaking business cards are an idea for a custom mail-order business.

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