Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhog Day! I really have to find my copy of that movie, since it doesn't appear to be airing in prime time. Six more weeks of winter? Here in SC, that means six weeks *of* winter--I haven't seen any yet.

Apparently people reporting stolen drugs happens all the time (according to the 911 dispatcher in the family). Most of them think better of it and disappear before the cops show up to take a statement.

If God really punished people so directly for their errors, this fruitcake would be at the top of the list.

AHAHAHAHAHA Pageboys--IMeanThey'reAllFineHousesFrosh!

This headline is ignorant. I'm hard to offend by usual means, and will interject with something mischievous right when people expect me to run away blushing and squeaking, but I have my own hot buttons and issues that offend me.

I have to agree that the male body can be beautiful--and if you don't believe those who say "look at Hollywood," then look at the ancient Greeks, at art through the ages.

On the end of the telegram

Review/comparisons of bittorrent clients--I like Azureus. I thought about using (mu)Torrent, but honestly it bugs the hell out of me that they use "u" for (mu), and I don't want something that drives me nuts to think about running on my computer.

This is a big issue lately, and one of the best arguments I've seen against the free-market folks. They claim free markets lead to greater innovation, yet clearly the Telcos being able to form an oligopoly have inhibited our progress compared to the rest of the world.

Blue light helps keep you alert? Sounds like something that could be useful for late-night drivers.

To Mars in an afternoon? Hells YEAH!

And some good information on relativity

In favor of hybrid autos

Wow. Someday I hope to have a house this awesome.

I guess if I had to come down on this debate I'd say to take those objects, including Pluto, off consideration for planethood.

"Can a 160-year-old man hit on a 91-year-old woman in an oxygen bar without being considered a predatory scumbag?" The answer should obviously be "yes;" a 75-year-old man hitting on a 35-year-old woman is seen as creepy and a dirty old man now, but not as a predator.

Good writeup on the SWG NGE

Remember that moment of respect I had for the prez? I'm over it.

This is so, so wrong: Brokeback to the Future

This should be wrong too, but I'm too distracted by the idea of the young Tom Cruise and the young Val Kilmer together. Damn but that's going to fuel my dreams for weeks.

Java RPG: Triglav

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