Sunday, February 12, 2006

A bunch of links about bottled water suggesting that it's silly, that the whole thing is a scam and we're all dupes for buying into it. But it's convenience, really. Sometimes I'll buy a gallon of water for the jug and sometimes I'll pour tap water into a jug and stick it in the fridge. But if I want something easy to grab for gaming, or I'm out and want something cold to drink, I'll buy water as well as soda, because it's easier than dealing with glasses and ice. It doesn't mean I've got something against tap water--I'm just glad to have the choice to get cold water in convenient reclosable containers. And if you're buying for the home, it isn't that hard to find it fluoridated in the gallon sizes, though it would be nice if the single-serve bottles came fluoridated.

videogame "athletes"

Cool satellite picture of one of the Augustine Island volcano eruptions

More on why men and women think differently--I wonder if they've cross-referenced this with people who apparently think as males or females, aside from their physical sexes, as in the BBC's brain sex quiz.

speaking of the BBC's articles on sex ID and the brain...

Well, then again, maybe you do need a hole in your head.

Cheesecake? No, just cheese.

Cricket's got to take a break to go pick up the laundry--my plumbing's screwed so I splurged and it feels SO good to know I'll pick up cleaned and folded clothes and linens. Happy Sunday!

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