Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cat meets... bunny?

I want to work at Google. Anyone there need an eclectic soul who's great with numbers and paperwork and general archive-type research, but somewhat undereducated and not great at coding?

might be worth a download. Probably after I set up an external drive to free some space.


CG water. I'd like to watch this side-by-side with a real slow-motion video of water poured similarly into a glass.

But is remarkably good prose an excuse for proselytizing in the middle of an otherwise-good story?

Too cool
. Only, warm.

The world's other Trekkies ain't rich enough for this.



More awwwww--scroll down for a baby aardvark and some penguin chicks.

Veggie Liberation Army manifesto

Mmmmmmmm, nuts. Something about this part of the winter makes me depressed and munchy. If I move up North I'll either need to exercise a *lot* to curb both impulses or be downright roly-poly through the spring.

While we're on junk food, I could go for some pie.

Gotta buy the kid new shoes tomorrow. His feet grew again. Other shoes only about 2 months old but he's fussing that they hurt again.

is strange.

Second Life really is something else.

I hear this game is cool. I can't actually play it as that flash makes my computer stop doing anything. Took me 25 minutes just to shut the window and get back here. Still, if you're on something faster, have a look.

Posh porn (erotica)

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