Thursday, February 09, 2006

I still wish I knew why PostSecret doesn't have an accessible archive. This hit me a little hard. It's different, I'm pretty sure, though.

is random but worth a read if you're at all curious about what real BDSM lifestyling is all about. Adult, not safe for work, covers sensitive adult issues, etc., etc. And he's got a point--if you're going to get into something and portray yourself as part of it, you should know what it's about. Anyway, for lifestyle or just sexual blogs, LordStar and his partner, Mim Redbeard, are worth reading.

I vote for #7 (first paragraph). Let's all be fat and happy and live as we will.

I can't imagine. I also can't imagine, as in the comments, that "what they lose in numbers, they make up in wattage." If I gained "wattage" I'd totally lose consciousness in the middle of sex. The really powerful orgasms still don't have a "refractory period" for me, though for me to get another one in the next few minutes requires someone else who cares to do all the work, because while the nerves there still work, I'm too weak to actually do anything to work for it.

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