Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A personal post, for a change

Hi, babe, what are you doing up?

I didn't think "I overslept" would be a good excuse.

Heh. No. Did you get some rest?

Not really. Like an hour.

We went back and forth for an hour or so, then talked about some last-minute information about the bus ride and flights, and then, hours too soon and months too late:

OK babe, I'm heading down to the CAC to grab some chow then I'm on my way

OK, m'love, come to me--I'll be here waiting.

As though as a message, a jet flies overhead, all I can hear as I see his avatar log off and know he's taking the first steps (literally--they walk everywhere) of his journey home to me. Only for a month before he goes again, this time, but still--I tremble.

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