Monday, February 20, 2006

Great French Renault ad (click "Entrer," then once the flash loads, on the left it will say something about "le webfilm"). Pain empathy warning for any man who's ever stuck his tongue to a frozen post.

Oh, dear.

Absinthe marketing promotes alcohol as date-rape drug? You be the judge.

When did Mary-Kate and Ashley get sophisticated?

If you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear? 1. We have a resonable expectation of privacy within our homes. To those who state that the right to privacy is a legal fallacy--it's clearly implied by intent in the fourth amendment. 2. The fact that we're doing things we might not want others to know about does not make those things illegal. 3. The fact that some things are quasi-legal does not make them wrong (see Lawrence and Garner vs. Texas--that I could probably in some places be arrested because I let a man sodomize me doesn't make it either a wrong act, an illegal act in the sense that the law punishing it is valid, or something I want the police to be allowed to witness for their own jollies).

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