Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh, don't I just wish?

Bare Back Magazine looks interesting.

Since yesterday we had geek love, now it's geek sex

I have a lot of thoughts on this--mostly along the lines of, as much as I believe in kids having free creative expression, in most of the public schools I've attended, a boy going to school with his nails painted pink/gold/purple would be in physical danger from other students. I don't think I'd disallow that expression, but I'd ask the kid if he was sure the other attitudes would be tolerable or worth it.

Traditional family values strike again

I must respectfully disagree with this post. While I do agree with the points made that much prostitution does equate to slavery and human trafficking, it's the slavery that needs to be illegal--pimping needs to be illegal, not whoring. Most women are forced into it? Maybe more women would freely choose to rent their bodies out by the hour or the night (it's not "selling," now, is it?) if they could freely make that choice. Not many, of course, but maybe enough that they'd keep the pimps and thugs from controlling the business. Actually, I wanted to comment on a couple of the comments after the post, too--#6 is about what I think, and #21, God almighty, *economically* forced into it? I'm economically forced to do a job that's impossible for my body to maintain the work without threatening literal collapse from exhaustion and flaring chronic pain. Circumstances force us into all kinds of jobs. Believe me, if I could make twice my income with less than half the work hours by doing something I like doing (no matter how many hours or how repugnant the customers, I like fucking better than waitressing, and I have every reason to believe the income is far better--I just won't make career choices that end in prison--and it is not institutionalized rape unless I have lost the right--in this theoretical scenario--to refuse a customer), I'd consider it a personal career choice and my RIGHT, not a political statement one way or another. Oh, I don't disagree that those cops are way out of line. Fuckers. I just disagree that prostitution should be considered a crime against women.

A Contract of Wifely Expectations--Huh? Honey chile, you can't be doin' this in the 21st century unless you've got an honestly consensual dom/sub relationship. And if they did, she'd have signed the paper.

I'm heading all over the feminist blogs tonight. Click one and you end up following links everywhere. Anyway, this is just wrong. Here's the guy's actual profile. I've known some good folk who'd be perfect for him, but on the other hand, I hope if he finds someone and manages to breed, their offspring are more enlightened (or maybe, less so).

Sugasm gets my attention--a few of the blogs on my regular rounds are participants. For some reason I never thought to add sugasm itself to my list, though. I've added several blogs I'm not likely to read more than a couple times a week (since I require sleep sometimes). Some of them, or representative posts from them:
Eternal Apprentice
Lumpesse is his girlfriend--where in the South are these people and why can't I find them?
Always Aroused Girl
BareLace went on the daily list because it rounds up highlights of several major sex blogs. Not all hot, but all interesting.
This is just a good title
The Holiday Life
Sabrina in Stockings
My Not So Secret Self

Hijinks is showing a prank in which they convinced kids they were banning candy sales in NYC. You'd seriously have kids making and dealing candy like dope. I would've.

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