Friday, February 17, 2006

I disagree with this--it seems to me that the ability to get his female partner off is a barometer for a man's masculinity in the real world, too.

I will never hear the end of this once my kid finds out.

OK, guys--is this idea appetizing?

A belated valentine

Is this a joke? I hope? Although the cargo jeans with the attached onesie isn't a half-bad idea. I'd have loved a jacket or shirt with a built-in front/nursing sling a few years back...

I have got to get one of these.

These sound good too.

Wow, cool. Are all/most humans with mismatched eyes chimeras, then?

liqueur pouches (with drinking license!)

Why do you need your own picture on your mint tins? I can see buying them for wedding favors.

This is neat. For some reason the applications for strip clubs strike me more than I'd want such a thing in my own bathroom.

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