Thursday, December 29, 2005

Skeptic's Annotated Bible

breakfast, anyone? (NSFW) (Spiritglue, babe, this one's for you)--looks like a parody page at a glance, but the order form looks like a real enough standard form, though it looks like they're the original company and only sell in bulk palettes/cases to resell. If I ever win the lottery and open a kink shop, though...

I want one. I don't think I want to know how much it costs.

This is awesome. Too bad about the liner notes and cases thing. I have maybe a half-dozen with all that stuff... I finally threw out the box of CD cases last time I was going through organizing crap, since I have them all stored in a binder. Hell, if they'd double the number required in order to sell some without the cases or liner booklets, I'd still trade em in for this. Ah, well, by the time I can afford a good MP3 player it's going to have mad amounts of storage capacity.

Scrotum powder? Link is worksafe. Do you guys have that many problems with them chafing, though? Shouldn't clean, well-fit cotton underwear prevent that just fine?


This is cool, but (1) the local YMCA uses something similar to authenticate members, and (2) the local library is currently operating out of its bookmobile and has no power or heat (building is being renovated). The ladies are working when it's warm enough to be out there, handwriting the serial numbers on paper.

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