Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A classic "true humor" response to Biblical literalists. Some say the uncleanliness laws are invalidated through Christ, but then why do all the sexual purity laws still apply? Pure "ick" factor don't cut it, folks.

This is interesting. A little feminist for what I usually appreciate (plenty of men I know would classify me as a feminist, which I am in a classic sense, but not in the sense they'd use the word)--I do agree with most of this, that there's still a perception issue that creates an inequality between men and women--but this not being an Orwellian or totally Communist world, is it really right that men and women be treated and seen as exactly the same? The only really serious inequalities in this list to me are the professional ones--a successful woman shouldn't be seen as having gotten her job through sexual means or because of her sex, nor should a woman be less successful by virtue of having breasts. But a social difference is to a point desirable. And some, like #41, are overblown--I know women who are that underweight, and they don't enjoy better self-image or sex lives than those of us with some curves. Trying to look like someone who's brushed to look good in a photo rather than in real life is a self-created problem. I could lose a few pounds, but if I get down to a healthier weight, I won't be looking to lose more to live up to some magazine image when I know even the model doesn't look like that. I have real problems with women living up to societal images of women--simply embracing the idea that one is a person, with a mind and beliefs and ideals, rather than an object, is in my experience enough to convince people of both sexes that one is a person worthy of respect (at least in this place and time--I'm not gonna argue that women get the shaft in places where they have to cover their heads and have most of the parts that make sex fun excised in early childhood)

This page of textbook disclaimer stickers worried me at first, but keep reading all of 'em.

The answer to the title question: You don't want to know. Check out the Shampoo link for proof that you don't. I'm the most intellectually curious person I've met, and I don't even want to know.

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