Thursday, December 22, 2005

Clicked pointed to this post on a Navy reservist's blog. His last post--he was killed the next day. Accused are his 26-year-old wife, her 18-year-old lover, and her stepdaughter's 18-year-old boyfriend. It's always more than a little strange to read someone's unknowing last message to the world, and the blogosphere makes them public more and more often. The comments to that last post, right before the news is broken by someone, include a couple asking if he's all right because of a couple days of him not answering emails... that's so sad.

Droidel. This is all kinds of wrong.

Shouldn't the first week in January be the week for these things? We wrap up the year then there's a sudden, heartbreaking something that happens on 30 Dec., and that person is never in any of the year-books or other year-by-year wrap-ups. I won't link all the top-10 lists from everywhere online here--they're easy to find.

Technicolor snow pics (done with food coloring and water in a regular spray bottle).

Looks like Blizzard made the MMORPG that everyone else wanted to. Five million. Be a couple years before I can get into playing another big game, but hey, with that kind of subscriber base, unless Blizzard punks it out like Sony did Star Wars Galaxies (or like Blizz did D2... no, wait, did I say that out loud?), it'll still be there to try later.

Confirmed test of E=mc^2

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