Monday, December 19, 2005

Seem to be a lot of sex links popping up (oh, hush. I don't believe you just went there...) tonight. First, BoingBoing had this, which book I'd like to pick up--hey, maybe has a copy I can get with my giftcard.

Then a review of Lolita was on Slate. I forget to check Slate a lot, but then there's always a wealth of links I can catch up with. The latest Human Nature includes bits on child pornography and reproduction (this barely touches on sex, since it's an IVF brief, but still). Hint on child pornography: Parents, don't let your kids have webcams in their rooms! There's no reason whatsoever they shouldn't be confined to whatever room contains a family computer for communication with distant relatives. Scroll down in the same column for a bit on cosmetic re-virgination surgery. I have much better uses for a few grand. And isn't it a bit sadistic to find the thrill of deflowering a virgin to have to do with tearing the hymen? Men, how many of you find it hot for a woman to have a part you have to tear through and cause her pain to get it on, as opposed to the idea of the innocent maiden, being taught everything you have to show her? And how many of you would rather be with an experienced woman who knows exactly how to stroke/suck/please you in the first place? Sheesh. The previous HN, linked at bottom, has an interesting thought on schizophrenia genes making reproduction more likely when they don't actually cause the disease--the creative and "out there" among us are more likely to carry that gene--and more likely to attract mates and reproduce. This doesn't explain 95% of the people I see with kids, but whatever.

More from slate on the child porn webcam thing. At a point in his teens the kid's dad was partnerered with him in the business. That puts a different twist on the kid having been "victimized by online predators," you know?

I want most of these T-Shirts.

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