Sunday, December 18, 2005

She did WHAT to Alec Baldwin?

BIG Rebel Attack Cruiser, Lego-style

The future of keyboards?

Fun with class photos!

Fun facts about bug sex on Sex Drive Daily

(That post also links to this book, which looks very interesting)

I'm not sure what to think of the idea of sub-dermal brass knuckles. Not as fighting gear, but as body art (I would know exactly what to think of people who made such functional mods to themselves--but non-social functionality just may get in the way of what most body-modification is all about). I'm all for letting people mod themselves how they want, mind, but, I don't know, maybe I'm not edgy enough to realize the symbolism, and it doesn't immediately show meaning to me.

SwarmSketch could be fun. I'm not particularly inspired to add to the current drawing.

Scott Adams explains why I'd rather die of drinking my 17 diet Cokes per day than give them up.

One more reason to dislike the Star Wars Galaxies changes.

More info on gamers in Asian cyber-cafes dropping dead

Oh, Santa... Popular toys, by decade

Google Music? And right after the big hoo-hah about publishing lyrics online...

Found this on Digg. Not bad at all. Lots of good educational resources for geek parents with limited time to teach their kids their main interests--these sites are great educational supplements. Someone was Digging a lot of these this weekend, also found sites breaking down evolution and trig.

Blocking cell phones in theaters sounds like a good idea sometimes, like the other week when some guy in the row back took 2 phone calls in the latest Harry Potter movie and didn't make any effort to quiet down while taking calls--but honestly if I can't have a phone on vibrate in the theater and expect it to work, then I'm not going to as many movies--if I have to leave the kids with a sitter, I expect her to be able to reach me. I have enough courtesy to duck out and call back. And what about, say, a doctor with a pager?

I'll shout it again and again: Firefox is your friend. I've been using it since it was Firebird and I've just piled a bunch of extensions into 1.5 that make me very happy.

Geek gift flowchart. Looks about right. (Funny)

Oh, neat. A species of purple frog that's been around since the dinosaurs and still lives in India today.

Pi trainer. This will be a few hours' diversion. Sometime... later.

If you like looking at the girls on magazines as works of art or objectively, don't click here. However, if you think you (or your girlfriend) should look like a magazine cover model, you must give this a look and bear in mind that the cover model doesn't look like that either, and look at what they did with photoshop to make her look that way (she's adorable before the photoshop, too, but not in the same unreal and glamorous way).


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