Monday, December 19, 2005

Imperial uniforms

Ebert's top movies of 2005--I haven't seen a single one, naturally. I've seen two of the three top animated ones (way down the page). Sometimes with the blurred line between special effects and actual animation, I think the concept of animation itself is becoming largely meaningless. I guess the question is still a matter of the actors... but the days when CG puts real formerly-living people into the movies aren't far away, and virtual actors a la S1m0ne can't be far behind.

Since we did top toys of the 20th century by decade yesterday, Ars Technica has a piece on toys through the ages

I include this bit of commentary only because it's so wonderfully insulting.

Also just found SmartStuff, which immediately made the list of daily "rounds" to make online. Brilliant! Snow chains for boots? Liquid electrical tape? Effective cheap way to make drinking water from sea water, looking for a licensee to market it? Look at SmartStuff!

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