Thursday, December 22, 2005

A most excellent clock

Aerogel. The Space program really does bring us some awesome tech.

I seem to be running into list after list of Einstein quotations. Surf around Brainy Quote for a while--great stuff by subject or author. My new favorite:
Love that is not madness is not love.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Sometimes I think I should carry WD40 and duct tape everywhere I go. Might get odd looks when greeting tables. Still and all, a duct tape girdle? I mean. Ouch. And who tried using WD40 to get peanut butter out of dog hair in the first place? I like the duct tape roses on that site, though. Gonna order some black ones sometime. And speaking of WD40...

Worth1000's photoshop contests are always fun. Today: People as animals. Or something like that.

NOT. SAFE. FOR. WORK. Or my brain. WHY? Record your OWN voice? So you can hear yourself in stereo? That's some serious narcissism. I can *maybe* see it as a gift if you're far away from someone and can't get in phone contact regularly or privately and find that hearing them talk to you enhances the experience, but... no. Even that requires some feedback, them responding to what's going on with you. Not a recorded voice from a chip.

More snow chains (ish) for your shoes

Of all the homebrew trends, I somehow didn't expect to see bubble gum in there.

Chocolate for women's libido. Men, if you're going to get your sweetheart this as a gift, unless she's been complaining of libido problems (or you have the kind of understanding that would let her take it as a joke), you might want to put it in a stocking or something, not the original box that screams, "honey, I don't think you want it enough."

This is a rather bitter take on the history of Christmas, if historically accurate.

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SpiritGlue said...

Suprised that with how much I know you you missed this or didn't comment on it.