Tuesday, April 11, 2006

thoughts on this: 1. And by ending the auction, eBay probably gave this wider exposure and guaranteed a good sale. 2. "Found guilty but criminallly insane... died in a mental hospital." This needs to happen more. Not guilty by reason of insanity is dead wrong. If you're insane enough to kill someone they need to be able to put your ass in a hospital for a minimum sentence.

Did you know the original Cheeta is still alive?

...the soles of one's feet?

Why would you keep plain-glass glasses to wear when you have contacts in? Why risk the irritation of contacts just to wear glasses anyway?

Help some poor dude have a threesome

with 404s

deep beneath Paris...

This scares me. Living a lifestyle doesn't make you a bad parent or imply your children are exposed to it.

Well, I slept 4 hours and was woken by a train, so time for one more nap before I have to go feed my friends' mutts. Sweet dreams, world!

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