Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh, the horrors

Some shirts and some cartoons

"Donkeys better than wives"

Fun with time (sorry, guys, you missed it, but I'll stay up for it tonight and let you know when it gets there at home, Spirit--well, if you want to count PM instead of going on the 24-hour clock, then you've got one more shot)

This is ridiculous--why's NYC being so Puritan lately?

Homestar Runner
has a wiki--I make sure I watch every Foamy cartoon, but I always forget to watch Homestar Runner. This does have an up-side--I've seen only a handful of HSR cartoons, and on one of the 3 days off I had to take next week, I'll have something to do here. I mean how can you not laugh at this stuff? You know, unless you're in pain and sort of down in general and too tired to laugh so you're laughing on the inside and don't even realize how grouchy you appear on the outside until someone asks how you can not be laughing... oh... wait. Seriously, though, the Strongbad emails are the best ones, IMO.

Minor spoiler for Shrek 2: Why on earth don't they make stuffed animals of the little mutant babies? I haven't even been able to find a picture of them--and they're adorable! If anyone knows of stuffed animals of the dragon-donkey babies, please contact me and let me know where I can try to find them.

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