Friday, April 28, 2006

In keeping with all the Sesame Street links from the other day: C for Cookie

Also, Sesame Gone Wild (NSFW, needs YT reg, Spirit, ICQ me and you can log on to my account, I made one to watch it) (lame but funny as hell)

Seriously. It's lame as hell but when you're kinda down and worried and the whole world is spinning around 'cause they don't know what's wrong with your head and you can see a specialist in only 3 months, YouTube some classic Sesame Street. You can't be sad and watch Sesame Street. If you didn't grow up on it, this may not apply to you. Note: "Classic" is not equal to "Elmo." Elmo's a NEW character. Elmo may cheer up some kids and mommies. Elmo will drive most grown men into a violent rage. Like Barney. Which is sad because I realized I really want the Elmopalooza DVD.

Oh, yeah, and I found out the answer to a question that had been plaguing me for a very long time here--when did the grownups start seeing/believing in Snuffy?

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SpiritGlue said...

NO ELMO DVD for you!